MHW – ★7 Deviljho 3’16 Insect Glaive Solo / イビルジョー 操虫棍 ソロ


MHW – ★7 Deviljho 3’16 Insect Glaive Solo / イビルジョー(Deviljho) 操虫棍(Insect Glaive) ソロ

キーワードは、「イビルジョー(Deviljho)」「操虫棍(Insect Glaive)」です。

「MHW – ★7 Deviljho 3’16 Insect Glaive Solo / イビルジョー(Deviljho) 操虫棍(Insect Glaive) ソロ」(4:44)

「イビルジョー(Deviljho)」「操虫棍(Insect Glaive)」を使って、YouTubeカテゴリー「ゲーム」の中から一週間で1000回以上再生されている事を条件に探してきました。

Video of 「イビルジョー(Deviljho)」「操虫棍(Insect Glaive)」 of “Monster Hunter World” by Japanese players

In this article, I will introduce the video of 「イビルジョー(Deviljho)」「操虫棍(Insect Glaive)」 of “Monster Hunter World (mhw)”. This video was posted on 2018/08/01. It has already been played more than 4020 times.



  • nice run but next time go through armor set slowly so i can admire each and every letter in the menu. thx
  • Took you long enough to beat demonjoe ZebraQuaft, I was wondering how long it would take you to do it. Three minute clear isn’t that impressive if it took you four months to beat it. I completed this mission last month with my intricate knowledge of terrain and items. I guess I was faster than you this time around. Let me impart some deep monster hunter lore from my collector’s edition encyclopedia: demonjoe is always hungry, so you can trick it in to eating meat that will hurt it. Now the encyclopedia recommends poisoned or tinged meats, but I actually recommend burnt steaks. If you can’t see the genius in this then you need to think big, like an extra dimension ahead. I’ll link you the scientific studies that show eating burnt things can lead to cancer. I can’t imagine the brilliant minds at capcorn hasn’t realized this and put it in to the game secretly, but I’m always one step ahead of them. Anyways by the 23rd burnt meat feedings my team landed the killing blow, they thanked me for my expert strategy and left the group before I could load up the mission again. They must’ve been embarrassed to be carried so much, lol.
  • Me when I use the IG: This is the most underpowered, finicky, hard to reposition weapon in the game; I should just go join the other range filth meta weapon users.
    Me after seeing one of Zebra’s runs: I will never reach this level of skill and mastery with the IG, but damnit I’m going to try.
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    This is long overdue; hopefully, I didn’t disappoint the people who were asking for this run. There’s still room for improvement, but his spawn location and limp are painful… I didn’t end up using the full amount of sharpness, so I can likely get away with just Handicraft 2 or even 1 if I get more accurate with my attacks.

    Song: Questrosound – 3rd Wave



    操虫棍|Insect Glaive

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